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356 Speedster
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Rennsport replicas are manufactured using custom built steel-reinforced fiberglass bodies attached to fully restored and shortened Pre-1976 Volkswagen pans. Cars are then fitted with interior, engine and other options built to specific customer needs. Just like the 356 Speedster, Porsche Coupe prices are rising fast. The Rennsport Coupe settles the case that a high quality hand-built replica, at far less than half the purchase and maintenance cost is the most sensible way to experience pure driving nirvana.


Using only the finest parts available, Rennsport Coupes are manufactured in our Los Angeles, California facility the old fashioned hand. With over 18 years of custom car building experience, Rennsport is driven to recreate the look, feel and exhilaration of a timeless classic.

Teh Rennsport Advantage

Success is in the details. Every Rennsport replica is deliberately attached to a pre-1976 VW pan to ensure the lowest possible insurance costs, and to eliminate mandatory Smog emmisions testing requirements. At Rennsport, we believe that solving such issues means more time spent thundering down the road. ...Yet just another detail that adds another dimension to the Rennsport experience.

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